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Travel Health Around the Web: March 9th

travel health round-up

It has been several weeks (months, oops) without a travel health roundup. This is what happens when you are traveling through West Africa. The lapse certainly hasn’t been for lack of great travel health content. Here are a few things we’ve enjoyed recently.

When You’re On The Road, Sick & All Alone

We’ve featured Earl in one of our travel health disaster posts and we certainly know that he has indeed been sick (like really sick) and alone on the road. In this transporting post, Earl actually had us feeling sick and alone, despite the fact that he had a friend helping to look after him while he was ill in Bucharest. This post, however, is as much about the excellent comments as it is about Earl’s writing. Have a look for some great advice on how to deal with being sick and alone while traveling.

Wandering in the hospital

Kate from Wandering Not Lost had a harrowing experience with a tick-borne illness. In this thoughtful and descriptive narrative, she describes what it was like to spend significant time in the hospital with a vague disease. She also does a great job of putting the experience in perspective.

Why Travel Insurance is Important: A Tale of Two Broken Wrists

If you need any more reason to get travel insurance, have a look at this post. We often reiterate the point that anything can happen when you are traveling, but those proclamations are rarely accompanied by a concrete example. This post does a good job of bringing the point home.

Thoughts on the Global Fluctuations of Access to the Elemental

While Ekua’s post is not directly related to travel health, it is a relevant meditation on access and use of water. We often talk about water on this space, because it can be one of the chief conveyors of disease. It’s important to keep things in perspective, however, and this post helps us do just that. Next time you buy bottled water on the road or use your SteriPEN, remember that many people have neither of these options.

Sick While Traveling? Make a Mobile Medicine Cabinet

This informative and entertaining post breaks down the contents of a mobile medicine cabinet. It is fairly comprehensive and importantly, a fun read as well. We would add a broad spectrum antibiotic for things like severe traveler’s diarrhea, but other than that, we like what we see!

If you have any travel health related posts that you found interesting recently, please share them in the comments below. Also, if you have a relevant post that you would like us to consider for the next round-up, please send us a note from the contact page

Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rashdan/2577407550/

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