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Taking Value Added Products to the Next Level: Vomit Bags

vomit bags
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Disclaimer: I was sent a fee sample from Fully Sic Bags. That said, this review is non-conditional and I can write whatever I want.

When I was traveling in Ghana in 2010, I had a horrific roadside incident that I’ve since been trying to erase from my memory.

I was on my way to Takoradi after spending several days on the beach near Akwidaa. I must have ate something bad as my stomach started rumbling almost as soon as I sat down in the taxi. I knew it was not going to be an easy ride, but I had no idea how bad it would get.

After passing through Dixcove, the stench of smoked fish, wafting in from the roadside, overwhelmed me and I had to ask the driver to stop. I proceeded to bolt out of the taxi and to begin profuse vomiting on the side of the road. Market women stopped in their tracks to watch, fishermen stared, and the driver asked repeatedly if I was OK. Vomiting is no fun. It’s somehow made worse when it is a public affair.

I eventually made it to Takoradi, where I spent the day in my hotel room bathroom, finally feeling a bit better by the evening. The worst part of the day was undoubtedly throwing up in front of an audience.

I have never carried a vomit bag with me, but looking back on this incident, I realize how handy it would have been to have one. So I was actually kind of excited when Fully Sic Bags, an Australian based company, told me they would be sending me a free sample.

The packs come with 6 vomit bags, and some face wipes and breath mints. While I haven’t – thankfully – used it yet, I will be taking it on my next trip. It doesn’t take up much space and frankly, I’d rather not be caught unprepared again. While it’s true that I could throw up into just about any bag, I like the idea of having this pack on hand, ready to go, and complete with wipes and breath mints.

I also think these packs will make great stocking stuffers for my friends who are prone to motion sickness and food poisoning. You can check them out at Fully Sic Bags (fullysicbags.com).

Have any suggestions for me to fight off impending vomit when driving in a taxi through a populated village? Is there a secret kill-switch that I don’t know about when it comes to my stomach?

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