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How to Survive a Week in Ibiza

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The following is a guest post.

When compared against other such travel ‘how to survive’ guides, a week in Ibiza seems like a doddle – well it certainly should be compared to surviving in a desert or a rain forest. Alas, having re-read March’s ‘How to Survive in the Desert’ there seems to be a lot of sage advice that can be applied to surviving a holiday in Ibiza.

Every year, it seems like the number of flights to Ibiza increase and with the number of tourists arriving the number of hospital admissions tends to increase as well. So, taking inspiration from surviving in the desert, here is a brief guide on things to do to stay illness free when on the party capital of the Balearics.

Drink Plenty of Water

Of course with the partying comes drinking. We all like to let our hair down with a few drinks but it is vitally important to remember to hydrate with bottles of water. The combination of the heat and alcohol is one that can lead to upset stomachs and even worse in some cases. A great tip is to have a drink of water at the very least, keeping a steady flow of water in the system will help avoid dehydration. Even better, have something that has some electrolytes and a bit of sugar. If you really want to protect yourself, look into traveling with a few oral rehydration salts. On Sick on the Road, there have been previous articles about the importance of staying hydrated. Read up here.

Seek Cover

It can get extremely hot on Ibiza – reaching the 30s during peak times – so make sure you get out of the sun for periods. A good tip is for every hour, take 15-20 minutes of cover out of the sun. This will reduce the risk of sun stroke, heat exhaustion, sunburn and dehydration.

Protect Your Skin and Head

Hats are great accessories when on holiday in Ibiza, not only to look good but give your skin some extra cover. Also, remember to keep reapplying the suncream as this often falls by the wayside in pursuit of fun. And while it may seem as if some people are not paying much attention to the dangers of the sun, keep in mind that some sun damage doesn’t reveal itself until much later.

Stick to What You Know

There is an urge when away to try new things – there is nothing wrong with this. However, when out partying, it is often best to stick with what you know. This way you remain in control and know your own limits.

So, by taking some inspiration from a survivor guide in the desert, you should be able to easily survive after taking flights to Ibiza.

Photo credit: flickr user yogamama.co.uk

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