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Dressing for the desert

dressing for the desert
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When it comes to packing our suitcases for holiday, we are often guilty of leaving it until the last minute and cramming in as much as possible in something of a frenzy. By doing this, we often end up taking far too much – much of which is unsuitable for the destination we’re visiting.

We may like to indulge in a few new purchases for our trip away, but how often do we consider whether our investments are practical choices?

With this in mind, if you’re considering holidays to Egypt for your next trip away then it is essential to pack suitable items. With over 300 sunny days a year and temperatures reaching a scorching 40 degrees in summer months, it is no wonder that Egypt is a highly sought after holiday destination.

Whether you are after an amazing snorkeling experience, a luxurious beach break or to just want to capture a glance of the ancient cities and historical sites; you’ll be sure to find your perfect holiday in Egypt.

Visit www.co-operativetravel.co.uk/holidays/africa/egypt to book your perfect trip and follow these tips to ensure you dress appropriately for the Egyptian desert climate. Whilst it is essential to pack precautions such as sun cream, sunglasses and a hat, it is also advisable to consider your clothing options too.

Wear light colours

With plenty of day trips on offer in Egypt, it is best to pack suitable clothing to ensure that you feel as cool and comfortable as you can. That means wearing light coloured clothes which reflect light and keep you cool.

Keep it loose

It is a good idea to wear loosely fitted clothes to reduce the chances of any skin irritations that are common with these types of holiday – such as prickly heat. Opt for thinner materials that are soft on the skin and loose fitted.

Cover up

If you are going to be visiting places with little shade during peak sunlight hours then it is worth wearing a long sleeved top and long, loose trousers or floor length skirts to prevent over exposure to the sun.

Failure to do this could leave you sun burnt, dehydrated and potentially suffering from heat stroke. The culture of Egypt can also frown upon showing too much skin in public, especially amongst women, so covering up has double benefits.

Carry a cardigan or shawl

It is important to remember that temperatures at night fall significantly due to the dry desert climate. The extreme change in temperatures can leave many holiday seekers unprepared and feeling chilly at night so it is a good idea to carry a cardigan or shawl to wrap up when the mercury falls.

These items can also protect your shoulders and back from the sun during the day and shawls provide protection for your hair and head if you forget your sunhat.

By planning ahead and taking these simple precautions, you can ensure you have a fantastic holiday without the fear of health complaints or discomfort.

Photo credit: flickr user Daniel Peckham

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  • Vanessa July 28, 2014, 8:27 am

    When we were in Death Valley National Park (translation: hot. Crematorium hot.) I actually wore wool. Yes, wool! I was trying out a new shirt from a sporting good store that felt like a regular cotton t-shirt but actually was made with wool fibers. It felt cool and light and the wool was great for breathing and wicking.

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