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One way to stay healthy on the road: use your own transportation

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Let’s face it, one of the easiest ways to get sick while traveling is by taking public transportation. Sure, it’s true that public transportation can sometimes provide the cheapest way to get around. At the same time, you may get to a point where you start to prioritize your health and your comfort while traveling. If you do arrive at this point, you will want to consider taking your own transportation. Here are a few ideas for personal transportation while traveling.

The rental car

Rental cars are not as expensive as you may think and they provide unparalleled convenience. In many cases, you can rent a car in one location and deposit the car in another. This allows you to explore without having to worry about returning to your starting location. If you pick a small or mid-sized vehicle you will find that gas prices are manageable. Avoid a flashy car and the insurance will be less as well as the daily rate. You can always look for deals from certain rental companies and never forgot to ask for an upgrade or a day or two free from the person working the desk. You never know when you will get lucky.

Travel in style with a caravan

Need a little more space on that vacation? How about buying something from The Caravan Company. The open road is a lot more attractive when you can sprawl out inside of your vehicle. Lengthier travel is a lot easier with a caravan and while it’s true that it is a costly initial investment, you will end up saving money over the long-term as your lodging costs will be greatly reduced.

The environmentally friendly way

The healthiest option for transport is also the cheapest and the most environmentally friendly: get a bicycle. It may not seem feasible to travel great distances by bike, but many people do it. If you are not feeling quite in shape, you can begin a training regimen that will get you where you need to be. Traveling by bike lets you explore countryside, villages and towns in the most intimate fashion possible.

Whether you travel by car, caravan or bike, you will find yourself in a healthier environment than you would if you were sharing a crowded space with 40-50 people. If you do decide to take public transportation, make sure to wash your hands before eating and after using any restroom facilities.

Photo credit: flickr user naturenet.net

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