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A Review of Bana – the New Rehydration Drink on the Block

Bana rehydration drink
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We’ve written about oral rehydration salts before. Today, we are going to review a rehydration drink that we recently sampled.

Disclaimer: we were sent a free sample of this product. However, we are under no obligation whatsoever to review this product favorably. What follows is our opinion and ours alone.

If you’ve read our previous articles on the topic, then you know that water simply doesn’t cut it when you are severely dehydrated. Whether you have a case of traveler’s diarrhea, or you spent too much time in the sun, you need something a little more substantial to rehydrate.

This role is typically reserved for oral rehydration salts, which dissolve in water and offer a balance of sugars and salts in order to get your body back to its proper baseline.

However, a company called Bana has recently formulated a drink that does the trick. Created by a physician, Bana serves to do exactly what a saline IV does, except without the hospital visit and the discomfort of a needle and a tube in your arm. Bana comes in convenient plastic bottles similar to Vitamin Water or Powerade.

The Verdict

I have tested Bana on several occasions now. Each time, I have done so after a vigorous workout. The impact is noticeable. In fact, it gives me a sense of rejuvenation after a workout, and I do feel rehydrated after having lost a considerable amount of fluids. I am definitely going to pack a few for my trip back to West Africa, where I will most likely use it whenever I come down with a bit of food poisoning or traveler’s diarrhea.

There are two downsides to Bana that I see. For one, I was not crazy about the taste. It kind of reminded me of the Flinstones Vitamins I used to take as a kid. However, I seem to be getting used to it.

The other downside is the space it takes up. As a traveler, I try to minimize the amount of stuff I travel with, and a packet of rehydration salts take up a lot less space than a bottle of Bana.

That said, if you have rehydration salts, you also need to get a clean water source. If you find yourself in a bind, and there is no clean water to dissolve the salts in, you are out of luck. Bana is ready to drink straight out of the bottle, so this is another point to consider.

Have you tried Bana before? What do you think?

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