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Don’t get legless on your vacay

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Whether it’s a long journey on a bus with very few stops, a tiring trip by car, a voyage across time zones by air, or an expedition across the seas, traveling can put a real strain upon the body. It is therefore essential for travelers to know how to keep fit and healthy whilst they’re seeing the world, ensuring that they’re prepared for every eventuality, and ready to see the sights without their enjoyment being spoiled.

Packing compression garments

Travelers may already be aware of compression garments before they even start to pack, particularly if they have listened to advice regarding flying and Deep Vein Thrombosis. Associated with long periods of inactivity, DVT is the formation of one or more blood clots in a person’s body, which, if left untreated can lead to painful swelling, redness, and potentially life threatening complications such as Pulmonary Embolism, in which the clot dislodges and travels to the heart. Those who are about to embark upon a long distance flight are often advised to pack compression socks; these can help to increase the blood flow in a person’s legs and reduce the risk of a clot forming, and can also be worn on short distance flights, or even during land-based journeys. Other advice for reducing the risk of DVT whilst flying includes getting up and walking around the cabin whenever possible, partaking in gentle lower leg exercise if room allows, and keeping hydrated; it is essential for travelers to be aware of potential risks before boarding.

What travelers may not be aware of are the other sorts of compression garments that are available, including vests and leggings; each can be used during travel, and also to aid recovery following an injury. Compression garments are particularly useful for those who may wish to undertake sports or particularly physical activities whilst away, as well as travelers who have recently undergone surgery, or suffered an injury. Designed with support in mind, compression clothing can help to increase blood flow, stabilize muscles and joints, and reduce blood pressure, helping those doing sports to exercise in comfort, whilst travelers who have experienced an injury will find they are kept comfortable during their recovery.

Compression garments, including women’s stockings and men’s running tights, can offer potential merits for travelers. Some outlets, such as Tommiecopper.com, now sell compression clothing that contains UVA and UVB protection; perfect for those who wish to stay active, or are recovering from an injury, whilst abroad in hotter climates.

Keeping fit, staying healthy

When traveling, either abroad or within the States, it is essential for vacationers to be mindful of keeping fit and healthy; this includes thoroughly researching their destination, thinking about the effects of travel upon the body and packing appropriately, being vigilant when heading out and about, and even watching what they eat and drink. It is also a good idea for travelers to fully prepare for any physical activity they may wish to do, including packing the right clothing and equipment.

Of course, it is vital for anyone to keep active and look after themselves, regardless of whether they are traveling or not. Compression garments, when worn by those who are already mindful of staying active, can aid a healthy lifestyle and rigorous workout for athletes of all abilities, as well as helping those who may have suffered a workout injury to recover in comfort.

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