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Can you buy travel insurance if you are already traveling?

buying travel insurance while already traveling

Many travelers find themselves without travel insurance while they are already on the road. This could be for several reasons. Some folks may leave without ever considering taking out a policy. Others may have a policy lapse while traveling, and they realize that the policy is not so easy to renew.

In any case, it is indeed possible to take out travel insurance while you are already on the road. Not all companies provide this service, but there are a few that do.

Which companies can do this?

We recommend World Nomads throughout the site, and here is no different. That’s because World Nomads does indeed let you take out policies if you are already traveling. They also make it easy to renew policies with just a few clicks of the mouse.

You can read our full review of World Nomads here.

There are other companies that can help you out if you are not sold on World Nomads. IMG Global is one that is relevant for American travelers. They can also provide coverage if you have a break in your travels and return to the states.

For travelers from the UK and Europe, True Traveller is another option. Like World Nomads, this is a company that is run by former travelers, and you will likely find a level of service that is well aligned with your expectations as a traveler.

Things to keep in mind

While many different companies offer travel insurance policies for travelers that are already traveling, there are certain restrictions across the board. For example, if you are traveling in a country that is under an active travel advisory, you may find that the search for a policy is a lot more complicated. Some companies simply won’t offer you a policy, and others may charge excessive amounts.

Of course, for most insurance carriers the most important questions involve preexisting conditions. Whether you are traveling already or not, you may have to answer questions about any medical conditions that you have. Some companies will flatly announce that you are not covered for any medical situations that involve a preexisting condition.

If you are already on the road, you may be pressed to pick up the first policy that you come across. Don’t do that without reading the fine print. Plenty of travelers have paid for policies not knowing what they actually cover, which is like paying for peace of mind that unravels as soon as there is a problem.

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