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The must have essentials to pack ready for your holidays

Going on vacation is both exciting and sometimes a little stressful – while the attraction of your planned destination is definitely alluring; usually your anticipation of the departure process is not. It helps if you have allowed yourself sufficient time beforehand to get acquainted with your travel route and any possible delays and also if you have packed appropriately for your stay. Here are a few things to be aware of as you prepare to pack.

Medical essentials

If you are taking any prescription medication, including inhalers, remember to pack enough for your stay plus a little bit extra in case you find you are delayed unexpectedly.

If you don’t know much about the pharmacies in the country you are visiting, it can be worth taking a few over the counter items, such as painkillers, shampoo, toothbrushes and Band-Aids; or sunscreen and insect repellant. Some people are not keen on using too many chemical pills and potions, in which case you can, for example, pack natural, organic sunscreen and bring soothing lavender oil in case you need to treat any insect bites and stings.

Also, in some cases people struggle with anxiety when traveling to destinations they haven’t previously been to, but there are many medical options to delve into when trying to battle this. Lavender is also good for this purpose as are other alternative herbal remedies for anxiety such as chamomile, green tea and lemon balm.


Obviously, you should consider the likely climate in your chosen destination when selecting which articles of clothing you will need. Don’t overdo your packing by including things you are unlikely to wear – keep hot-weather clothing light but be sure to include one or two warmer items for cool evening breezes. Pack appropriate footwear – light sandals and flip-flops may be ok on the beach but they’re not much use if you’re going hiking or climbing.


It’s important to look after any valuables you consider to be essential when traveling – this means important documents such as passports, insurance information and travel tickets as well as cash, credit cards and cellphones. Experienced travelers tend to pack these items on their person, in a money belt or equivalent that is easily concealed under clothing.

Travel light

In most instances people pack too much, so think hard about whether you will need any socks at all on vacation, let alone a clean pair for every day. Also remember what the restricted items are in terms of your hand baggage – the rules about liquids are well known however you mustn’t carry anything that is considered to be ‘sharp’ and this includes tiny items such as eyebrow tweezers and nail scissors, as well as more obvious ones such as knives and corkscrews. Also you mustn’t pack anything containing combustible chemicals, so the family fireworks are a no-no, as is peroxide in any form.

Remember you’re going on vacation to enjoy yourself, so don’t create additional stress before you get there – pack sensibly and safely and you’ll gain peace of mind and a smooth and pleasant journey.

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