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Country Guides

This category provides information and tips specific to certain regions of the world. Click on a region to see the country guides for that part of the world.

Bolivia Travel Health Guide

Bolivia Travel health Guide

With its history and rich, multi-ethnic culture, rain-forests, mountains and salt flats, an ocean coastline is about the only thing that Bolivia is lacking. You will surely manage without one, because there is already too much to see and do in this land-locked country that is situated in the heart of South America. As is [...]


South Korea Travel Health Guide

South Korea travel health

South Korea quickly became an industrialized country in the 21st century. With its economic growth came improved infrastructure and healthcare. You don't need to worry about much when visiting the urban areas of South Korea, but rural areas can still present a few issues. This article will break it all down for you. You should [...]


Jordan Travel Health Guide

Jordan travel health guide

Home to Bedouin nomads, the ancient city of Petra, countless camels and a delightful capital city (Amman), Jordan has grown in popularity as a tourist destination, despite regional strife. While there have been travel warnings issued to many countries in the Middle East, Jordan has remained a safe place to travel. But what about travel [...]


Colombia Travel Health Guide

Colombia travel health

You got your beaches, your rainforest, your mouth watering arepas and your salsa dancing. What else is there, really? Colombia is indeed one of the world's most overlooked travel destinations. A legacy of violent crime and guerrilla warfare hangs over the country, but times have changed, and Colombia is no longer the place that it [...]


Jamaica Travel Health Guide

Jamaica travel health information

The third largest island in the Caribbean, Jamaica regularly attracts tourists from all over the world. Beaches are the main draw, but rum, reggae and jerk chicken may do it for other folks. On the windward side of the mountains in Jamaica, you can expect a tropical climate. Tropical climates typically carry certain travel health [...]


Brazil Travel Health Guide

Brazil travel health guide

Brazil. Amazon river, gorgeous women in thongs, samba, carnival, football. Right? I don't know. I do know that Brazil is not your backyard. It is a tropical developing world country with certain travel health risks. Whether you are heading to Brazil for the World Cup, or you plan on visiting the country for other reasons, [...]

Philippines travel health guide

Known for its extreme bio-diversity, populous urban areas and stunning beaches, the Philippines are a popular destination for travelers to Southeast Asia. As a tropical developing world country, there are some travel health risks for those visiting this nation of islands. In this post, we will cover everything from vaccinations to malaria risk. While the [...]

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Cambodia Travel Health Guide

Cambodia travel health guide

Situated in Southeast Asia, Cambodia comes with many of the same travel health recommendations that you would find if you were taking a trip to Thailand. There are a few differences, however, mainly concerning malaria prevalence. In this post, we will recommend pre-trip preparations as well as tips for staying healthy while you are in [...]


Tenerife Travel Health Guide

Tenerife travel health guide

Tenerife is the largest island in the Canary Island chain. It also represents roughly 43% of the islands' population. A worthwhile destination for many reasons, Tenerife is thankfully free of many of the travel health risks that are found further south in Africa. In this post, we will talk about what kind of planning you [...]


Egypt Travel Health Guide

Egypt travel health guide

Egypt is pleasantly free of many of the diseases that are found further south of it. Travelers don't have to worry about taking malaria prophylactics or dealing with many other tropical diseases, such as dengue fever. There are a few things you should be on the lookout for, however, and we will use this post [...]

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