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Country Guides

This category provides information and tips specific to certain regions of the world. Click on a region to see the country guides for that part of the world.

Tenerife Travel Health Guide

Tenerife travel health guide

Tenerife is the largest island in the Canary Island chain. It also represents roughly 43% of the islands' population. A worthwhile destination for many reasons, Tenerife is thankfully free of many of the travel health risks that are found further south in Africa. In this post, we will talk about what kind of planning you [...]


Egypt Travel Health Guide

Egypt travel health guide

Egypt is pleasantly free of many of the diseases that are found further south of it. Travelers don't have to worry about taking malaria prophylactics or dealing with many other tropical diseases, such as dengue fever. There are a few things you should be on the lookout for, however, and we will use this post [...]

staying hydrated in the outback

Australia is huge. Most inhabitants live within an hour of the coast because of the restricted water supplies the further in towards the centre you go. But don’t let this put you off the barren Northern Territory: a drive through the Outback shouldn’t be missed on a trip to Australia; you just need to listen [...]

dealing with a jellyfish sting

This new series of posts will take a look at hypothetical travel health situations and how one should respond in those circumstances. In this case, we will imagine ourselves getting stung by a jellyfish in Australia. Why Australia? It has the distinction of being home to one of the most deadly animals on the planet, [...]


Thailand Travel Health Guide

Thailand travel health guide

For a tropical country, the travel health risks in Thailand are relatively low. That said, malaria is endemic in certain areas, there have been occasional outbreaks of dengue fever, and there is always the potential for traveler's diarrhea and typhoid. But don't worry - with a bit of caution, these can all be avoided. While [...]


Costa Rica Travel Health Guide

Costa Rica travel health guide

Costa Rica is arguably the most touristed country in Central America. This is unsurprising given the country's wealth of rainforest, beautiful beaches and coastlines, and its diverse array of wildlife. Despite being a tropical country, there are less travel health risks than many other destinations of similar climate. There are a few things you need [...]


Ghana Travel Health Guide

Ghana travel health guide

Since gaining Independence from the British on March 6, 1957, Ghana has been a jumping off point for many people looking to travel West Africa. Whether you are looking for beautiful beaches, sobering and powerful historical slave trade castles/sites, lush rain forest, or a rich music and culture scene, Ghana has it all. When it [...]

Canary Islands travel health

The Canary Islands are something of a geographical enigma. They are technically part of the African continent, but they fall under Spanish nationality. Many people are under the assumption that travelers to the island chain face many of the same travel health risks that are found elsewhere in Africa. This assumption is incorrect. It's important [...]


Peru Travel Health Guide

Peru travel health guide

Machu Picchu, Colca Canyon, Amazon rainforest, coastal deserts, the massive Andes Mountains, and that's to say nothing about the Peruvian people. Yep, there are a few good reasons to visit Peru. What are the travel health concerns? Nothing too exotic, depending on what part of the country you are visiting. That said, Peru is a [...]

skin infection in South Korea

I loathe mosquitoes. I feel that I am not alone in this feeling. Their sound irritates me, the fact that they live off of the blood of the living disturbs me, the fact that they spread disease so easily and frequently gets my blood boiling, and I get super riled up by how their bites [...]

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