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Travel Health Tips

This category contains tips for staying healthy on the road.

traveling with celiac disease

A protein commonly found in wheat, gluten has been implicated in a variety of GI disorders, from basic intolerance to celiac disease. Any of these conditions can make it difficult to travel as gluten is an ingredient found in many staple products around the world. In this post, we will break down a few strategies [...]

scuba diving health and safety tips

Scuba diving is a popular recreational activity for travelers, which has been made increasingly accessible over the years through affordable dive courses abroad. Considering the amount of dives that happen every day all over the world, it should be said that serious accidents, medical issues and fatalities are relatively rare. If you don't follow certain [...]

choosing the best insect repellant

There once was a time when choosing an insect repellant was a relatively straightforward process. You know, because there weren't 3000 options staring at you when you went to the store to buy some. As with many other products, such as sunscreen, shopping for bug spray has become a headache. In this post, we will [...]

how to deal with anxiety while traveling

Most of our articles focus on physical health, but every now and then we find it worthwhile to focus on the mental side of things. Whether you experience anxiety on a day to day basis or not, travel can quickly spike your level of unease. For some people, it's flying on a plane. For others, [...]


You’ve got everything all planned out from the plane tickets to the hotel reservations, but does any of that really matter if you’re feeling under the weather? Fortunately, you have the ability within you to prevent getting stressed or sick and risk the chance of ruining your big trip. The secret is to maintain your [...]


How to Stay Clean while Traveling

staying clean while traveling

At any given time, there is a living film of microbial life that coats your body. There is not much we can do to eliminate the bacteria that exists on the surface of our skin - thankfully, most of it is harmless - but there is a standard of hygiene that we need to maintain [...]


Traveling with Diabetes

traveling with diabetes

Any chronic medical condition can make traveling difficult, but diabetes poses a few particularly unique challenges. It is a condition that can fluctuate based on your blood sugar, and thus your schedule and diet can be impacted. When you are on the road, you may be exposed to new foods and it may be hard [...]

staying fit while traveling

Whether you have a fitness routine at home or not, trying to keep in shape can be a challenge depending on the nature of your trip and the destination itself. In addition, whether you're at home or on the road, there are always excuses to make: You don't have enough time. You don't have access [...]

tips for traveling with eczema, acne and sensitive skin

If your skin is problematic, it will probably be even more so when you are traveling. The simple reality is that sensitive skin can be thrown off course by new environments and the disruption of your normal routine. But all is not lost, and it is possible to travel with skin that is difficult to [...]

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European Health Insurance Card

A popular health insurance option for European travelers, the European Health Insurance Card offers a uniform plan that is valid in all EU member countries. In this post, we will explain who is eligible for this card, what benefits it provides, and how one can be obtained. The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) provides a [...]

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