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why World Nomads offers the best travel insurance

Before selecting travel insurance for my last trip to West Africa, I did online research and I polled friends who traveled frequently. In my quest to find the best travel insurance, World Nomads was repeatedly suggested. After doing some additional research, I saw that they were also recommended by many travel companies, including Lonely Planet. [...]

hepatitis A information for travelers

Of all the strains, hepatitis A is the one most likely to effect a traveler abroad. This article will discuss the dangers of hepatitis A and the steps a traveler can take to avoid letting this virus ruin their trip. Hepatitis is a disease which causes inflammation of the liver. Many people are aware of [...]


Travel Health Disasters Part I

travel health disasters

The following is the first part in a series of posts titled Travel Health Disasters. Featured are the tales of other travelers and travel bloggers who have experienced some difficult moments on the road. Some of them are funny. Some of them are scary. Some of them are downright miserable. All of them are related to travel health in one way or another.

guinea worm parasite

Guinea Worm is a parasitic worm that is currently only found in 3 countries. Here are a few reasons why Guinea Worm is terrifying: 1. There is no treatment for it. 2. It is a worm that grows to three feet inside your body. 3. You don't know you have it until approximately one year [...]

which malaria prophylactic should you take?

There is no vaccine for malaria, but you can take prophylactics. The reason a vaccine has not been developed is largely due to the life-cycle of the protist that causes the disease. When an infected mosquito bites you, the protist enters your bloodstream and makes its way inside of your red blood cells. Because the [...]

ways to eat healthy while traveling

Nutrition is a big component of our health. Unfortunately, travel often presents obstacles to eating well. These tips will make it a little bit easier. When you are always on the move, it's hard to eat well. Instead of covering a lot of ground and loading your itinerary with attractions, slow down, and really get [...]

Should you take malaria prophylactics

If you go to a travel clinic (which you should) before traveling to a place where malaria is endemic, chances are the doctor is going to recommend that you take malaria prophylactics. A lot has been said in recent years about the efficacy of malaria prophylactics and about possible side effects of taking them. This [...]

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