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Brazil Travel Health Guide

Brazil travel health guide

Brazil. Amazon river, gorgeous women in thongs, samba, carnival, football. Right? I don't know. I do know that Brazil is not your backyard. It is a tropical developing world country with certain travel health risks. Whether you are heading to Brazil for the World Cup, or you plan on visiting the country for other reasons, [...]

lassa fever while traveling

Lassa Fever is a relatively obscure disease. It is endemic to West Africa, and you won't find it anywhere else in the world. It produces an estimated 300,000 - 500,000 cases every year. Approximately 5,000 of those cases are fatal. Lassa Fever is a type of acute viral hemorrhagic fever (pretty much the last words [...]


Dressing for the desert

dressing for the desert

When it comes to packing our suitcases for holiday, we are often guilty of leaving it until the last minute and cramming in as much as possible in something of a frenzy. By doing this, we often end up taking far too much – much of which is unsuitable for the destination we’re visiting. We [...]

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ebola outbreak

UPDATE 7/26/14: More bad news. A case of Ebola was confirmed in Lagos, Nigeria, Africa's most populous city. A man had arrived by plane from Lagos and collapse at the airport. He was immediately taken to the hospital, but anyone he came in contact with is at risk, including the other passengers on his flight [...]

traveling with celiac disease

A protein commonly found in wheat, gluten has been implicated in a variety of GI disorders, from basic intolerance to celiac disease. Any of these conditions can make it difficult to travel as gluten is an ingredient found in many staple products around the world. In this post, we will break down a few strategies [...]

scuba diving health and safety tips

Scuba diving is a popular recreational activity for travelers, which has been made increasingly accessible over the years through affordable dive courses abroad. Considering the amount of dives that happen every day all over the world, it should be said that serious accidents, medical issues and fatalities are relatively rare. If you don't follow certain [...]

choosing the best insect repellant

There once was a time when choosing an insect repellant was a relatively straightforward process. You know, because there weren't 3000 options staring at you when you went to the store to buy some. As with many other products, such as sunscreen, shopping for bug spray has become a headache. In this post, we will [...]

developing immunity to foreign bacteria

If you are a short-term traveler, this question may not be relevant, but for long-term travelers or expats, knowing whether immunity from foreign bacteria can be "earned" is an important topic. We have written about traveler's diarrhea, probiotics, and various parasitic infections on this site, but we have not talked about whether exposure, particularly long-term [...]

how to deal with anxiety while traveling

Most of our articles focus on physical health, but every now and then we find it worthwhile to focus on the mental side of things. Whether you experience anxiety on a day to day basis or not, travel can quickly spike your level of unease. For some people, it's flying on a plane. For others, [...]


How to Stay Clean while Traveling

staying clean while traveling

At any given time, there is a living film of microbial life that coats your body. There is not much we can do to eliminate the bacteria that exists on the surface of our skin - thankfully, most of it is harmless - but there is a standard of hygiene that we need to maintain [...]

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