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Water Treatment

Having access to clean water while traveling is critical to staying healthy. While you can always be safe and buy bottled water, there are plenty of methods to purify tap water. If you are traveling in rural, undeveloped areas, you won’t have much of a choice, and you should have an emergency purification option on hand at all times.

SteriPEN Traveler Review

SteriPEN traveler review

We have previously discussed the importance of treating water (see our article How to Prevent and Treat Traveler's Diarrhea). If you are traveling in the developing world, tap water is often unsafe to drink and in rural areas, well water will certainly make you sick. If you are not trying to spend lots of money [...]

4 ways to treat water while traveling

One of the easiest ways to get sick when traveling is through contaminated water. Whether it's a simple case of traveler's diarrhea or something worse, like amoebic dysentery, it's hard to enjoy yourself when you're spending most of your time on the toilet. You may find yourself in a rural area without access to clean [...]