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Preparing for a Long Trip to the US

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The United States is one of the world’s more popular travel destinations. When you look at what the country has to offer, it’s easy to understand why – a variety of climates and environments, large cities and cultural centers, and plenty of sights and attractions. Many people opt for a trip to the USA that is a bit more substantial than a short voyage of 2-3 weeks. In fact, working and living in the USA for a longer stretch of time is highly sought. Unfortunately, the USA has rather tight immigration restrictions, even for temporary visitors. In this post, we will offer a few tips if you are planning on visiting the USA for a long period of time.

Health considerations

Healthcare in the United States is a bit different from many other industrialized countries for the simple fact that it is largely privatized and quite expensive. You will want to make sure that before you travel to the USA, you have all of your routine vaccinations in order. You can find information on these vaccinations at the CDC website. You will also want to buy prescription medications ahead of time and stock up if possible – these medications may cost substantially more in the United States. Finally, depending on the state(s) you will be visiting, you will want to look up whether there are any specific health concerns in those areas.

Legal paperwork

As we mentioned above, the visa situation for the USA is complicated. It is admittedly more difficult to obtain a visa – even a tourist visa – than it is in many other countries. One of your best bets for guaranteeing that all of the paperwork goes through, is to pay a bit extra and use a service that will do most of the heavy lifting for you. Whether you are looking into obtaining a US Work Permit, temporary residency, or something more permanent, your can leverage your chances if you seek the services of a company that is already familiar with the terrain.

Day to day logistics once you get there

If you’ve been cleared for arrival and all of your papers are in order, you now have many new tasks that you will have to deal with. Everything from getting around to housing and accommodation. When it comes to transportation, public transport may be your best bet if it is a viable option where you will be living. Otherwise, whether it is a purchase or a rental, having a car can present its own complications (license, insurance etc.). With respect to housing, a good idea would be to reach out to any expats from your country of origin. You can find these groups by searching online message boards, couchsurfing.org and meetup.com. Connections can be made quickly and these groups are often great resources for logistical things as well as dining and entertainment recommendations and much more.

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